Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

This is the course we offer to those who want a Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (AZ CCW). In this course we cover basic Arizona and Federal laws covering where you can carry and self defense. We also discuss safe carry practices, holster selection, and defensive ammunition choices. This course will include range time, to help make certain you have the skills necessary to defend yourself.

Course includes:

  • Basic Federal and Arizona laws about defensive gun use
  • Where you can carry
  • Practice methods
  • Holster and defensive ammunition selection
  • Shooting practice and qualification

Qualification is one fully loaded pistol at 10 yards and one at 5 yards. It will be evaluated for consistency of shot placement.


To receive an AZ CCW application, go here to the DPS website and follow their instructions. A list of fingerprinting services can be found here.

Course Requirements:

  • Semi-automatic pistol or revolver 
  • Enough ammunition for two full magazines or cylinders minimum, more if you would like to practice before qualifying
  • Eye and hearing protection (Provided)

Price for this course: $95.00 (Ask about group discounts!)

Schedule Your Class

To schedule your concealed carry permit course, please call or text 623-226-8254 or fill out the form below.