Materials for Training

We have a selection of firearms & ammunition for use when taking our courses or for private instruction. This is a great way to test out different firearm types and calibers before purchase, useful for both experienced owners looking for something new and newcomers still deciding what firearm is best for them. Due to insurance concerns, only ammunition provided by us may be used in our firearms. When using our ammunition we charge per round for the following calibers.

9MM 0.29
.380 ACP 0.38
.40 S&W 0.29
.45 ACP 0.5
.38 SPECIAL 0.42
.223 0.45
.308 0.39
7.62X39 0.35
.22LR 0.05


  • Classes include all targets used for the class.
  • $45 Monthly Open Training (all day) includes all tragets used.
  • $20 Monthly Open Training (Afternoon Only) includes up to 4 targets.