Monthly Open Training

Our Monthly Open Training days are great for newcomers and returning students. Set on the private ranges of Ben Avery, you can practice things that most ranges don’t offer: drawing from the holster, multiple targets, moving between shots and more. We also offer several discounted services while on the range.



  • $20 Range fee: provides use of the range, with guidance from us for the entire day as well as 4 targets.
  • $10 Focused Training: one time fee for more personal training, such as setting up courses of fire, watching your technique and giving feedback, etc.
  • $15 Cleaning Tutorial: We will break down your firearm with you and clean it with you using our kit. We have several calibers of cleaning kits on hand for $10 each. Cleaning chemicals will be available once we find a source that lets us provide them to you at the best price possible.
  • $20 Gun Tryout: fire several of our training firearms to see which one fits you the best. Includes 50 rounds of ammunition which can be any mix of calibers. Additional ammunition is $3 for 10 rounds ($15 for $50)
  • $10 Discount: Any shooting portion of our other classes is done with a $10 Discount on Open Training days.