Youth Firearms Safety

This is a beginner’s safety and handling course designed specifically for youth.

Main subjects covered are:

  • The 4 rules of firearms safety
  • Responsibly to be safe when handling firearms (why we follow the 4 rules)
  • The parts of a firearm
  • How ammunition works
  • Basic marksmanship

Students are then guided through the firing of several .22 caliber rifles. After firing 5 rounds with each action type, they are allowed to select ones to fire again with their remaining allotment of ammunition.

Each student will receive:

  • A handout covering the course material
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 100 rounds of .22 ammunition
  • A multiple bullseye target

Price for this course: $50 per youth. Additional ammunition and targets for more range time can be provided for an additional charge.

To schedule a youth safety course, please call or text 623-226-8254 or fill out the form below.