Flexible Firearms Training L.L.C.

We are here to provide you with quality training that fits your needs. We focus on self defense gun use with a training program based on your skill level and lifestyle. The goal is to promote safe, capable firearm ownership.

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We are consistently creating new courses, so check back often.


Our courses are designed to work with your schedule and needs. To that end, we plan our class times out after you contact us. Once you’ve read the courses we offer, the steps are very simple:

1. Contact us.
Send us an email at info@azfft.com with the class you are interested in and any additional concerns.

2. Set up the class.
We will email you back and get any additional information we need from you, as well as work out a time and place for the classroom portion and a time for the range portion to be held at Ben Avery. Range time is a minimum of four days to set up, and can be longer depending on scheduled events. Classroom time can be either at the range or at your home or other preferred location.

3. Attend the class.
Learn information, techniques, and concepts to help you become a more confident firearm owner.